Why We’re Thankful for American Grapevines

  By Lindsay Cairns, Director of Operations   The table is set with everything one would expect; stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, biscuits… all the obligatory carbs; and a beautiful turkey (or a ham in my family – don’t ask, that’s a whole other story). To pair with dinner, you choose a Cabernet Sauvignon from Continue Reading


From Pythagoras to Pinot: the Genetics of Wine Appreciation

By Brian Ring, PhD. Alongside of the Olympics, gyros, and the concept of democracy, the ancient Greeks also gave us two other important contributions: our word for wine (from the Greek oinos), and the idea of consumer genetics. Pythagoras, the philosopher and mathematician who thought of the Pythagorean theorem also proclaimed, “kyamon apechehesthe”: avoid fava Continue Reading