The Magic Of Wine Tasting: What It’s Like And Why It’s Fun

Learn How You Can Fully Enjoy A Wine Tasting Experience.

Vinome Wine Tasting - Wine tastingDo your friends and family members speak enthusiastically about a wine tasting they’ve experienced? Would you like to “taste” it out, but feel a little intimidated or unsure about what to expect?  Wine tastings can be romantic, fun, stimulating, and educational for all wine lovers from the explorer to the expert. Keep reading to unlock the magic of a wine tasting event.

The first step in a wine tasting experience starts before you even leave the house. You will need to pick your location. Tasting rooms can be urban, located in a downtown area, or more rural. It all depends on the type of experience you want. Downtown you can visit more locations and grab a bite at a local restaurant.  If you opt for a more rural location, your tasting will often be held at the vineyard or winery, which provides a memorable experience even before you uncork any wine bottles. The rolling hills and calming scenery that surround a vineyard estate are visually stunning and naturally relaxing for groups large or small; some wineries offer light bites or allow you to bring a picnic.

Once you arrive at the winery, cozy up to the staff and experience a more personalised tasting. Sometimes, you will be able to try something off menu, see where the grapes are processed, or take a peek into the barrel room. Winemakers may be around to share tidbits about the production process and what goes into making each wine. Typically, a trip to the wine tasting room should be a much richer experience than just sampling the wine selection.

All that preparation and we are finally ready to taste wine! When it’s time to raise a glass to your lips and begin sampling, you’ll continue to discover new things. You’re likely to hear more about the specific wines you’re tasting from what makes them unique to what foods pair best with them. Most wine tastings include 4 to 6 different wines to try, with each pour measuring about 1 ounce. Spitting is not just okay, but encouraged (especially if you’re driving)! I know it may feel strange, but it’s better to enjoy the wine and spit than end up enjoying too much. At the end of the tasting, you’ll be able to purchase a bottle of whatever you like most although purchasing a bottle is not required. Tipping is also not required but this gesture is always appreciated by your host.

And, remember, the internet is often your best friend when planning a wine tasting. It’s always a good idea to do a little research about the winery before you visit to learn more about their food or picnic options, hours of operations, and types of tastings offered. If you’re not sure about something, ask. The winery team is there to help and wants you have an enjoyable and memorable experience.

After you’ve attended a wine tasting or two, you’ll discover that some wines taste better and interest you more than others, even compared to those your friends may be tasting right alongside you. The genes which make you a unique individual can influence your tastes and make different wines more or less appealing to you. As well, everyone responds in different ways to the taste notes and nuances that mark each bottle.

To learn more about how your genetic makeup influences your wine tasting preferences, sign up with Vinome. We’ll actually test your DNA and combine the results with information from your answers on a questionnaire about your taste likes and dislikes. The result: Perfectly selected wine just for you.

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